New exciting articles in our TYM e-magazine

Welcome to the world of TYM – the Transnational Youth e-Magazine for youth policy, youth activism and promotion of democratic values!

Enjoy more than 50 amazing authored articles published in the last 14 months within our MEDIActive Youth Project.

The texts were written by youth workers, youth activists and youth policy experts from 7 countries: Algeria, Estonia, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, North Macedonia and Serbia.

In them you will find a handful of interesting topics, such as: what is ‘infodemic’, can you keep your privacy on social networks, what the saying “kill your darlings” means, what is the situation of young people in Serbia, what is it like to be a single mother in Morocco, what was the influence of the media on the Arab Spring, does the education system in Algeria stimulate entrepreneurship, what are children’s rights in Tunisia, what are the employment challenges in Egypt, how important media literacy is today, , … and much, much more.

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