Second full-day online project meeting was successfully held

The second full-day online project team meeting within the MEDIActive Youth Project was held on November 20, 2023 through the Skype application. 8 participants took part in the meeting: 2 from Serbia (CDER), and 1 from other partners (Estonia – Eesti PtP, Egypt – BWNGO, North Macedonia – CID, Morocco – EVE Maroc, Tunisia – EVE Tunisia and Algeria – Arc en Ciel). The meeting lasted about 7 hours. The partners had the opportunity to discuss various topics important for project implementation, such as: project management, implementation of project activities, financial aspects of the project, reporting, project risks, monitoring and evaluation, promotion and dissemination of the project, etc.

Specifically, the agenda included the following topics: Where are we now? – Project Timetable and Action Plan analyzing; Teaching Material Pack – review and evaluation (WP3); Main current activity – Creating MOOC: Moodle course ”Media Literacy Education by the Blended Learning Method”; Writing articles for the TYM – overview and remaining partner obligations (WP5); Project Management and Risk Management; Budget issues; Promotion and dissemination; Discussion and conclusions.

The meeting was an excellent opportunity to review and evaluate the previous activities and make a plan for the quality implementation of the upcoming ones.

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