Successfully conducted MEDIActive Youth dissemination events in 7 countries

Within the framework of the MEDIActive Youth Project, 7 dissemination events were held in February 2024, where the project and its results were presented. One event was held in each partner country – Algeria (Ain Temouchent), Egypt (Cairo), Estonia (Tallinn), Morocco (Marrakech), North Macedonia (Kumanovo), Serbia (Belgrade), and Tunisia (Hammamet).

The events brought together about 330 representatives of various local and national stakeholders (youth organizations and other NGOs’ representatives, local and national public institutions representatives, university representatives, media representatives, youth activists, youth workers…).

Participants were introduced to the project, teaching material pack (curriculum, textbook, and guidelines), online course, Transnational Youth Magazine (TYM), project’s website and Facebook page. The presenters also briefly presented the Erasmus+ program and the opportunities it provides in the area intended for young people.

The majority of participants rated the project’s outcomes, particularly the online course and TYM, with the highest marks. Most participants agreed that the developed materials and online course are of high quality and comprehensive, serving as excellent resources for anyone interested in media literacy education. Participants also highly appreciated TYM, with some expressing a desire to start writing for this youth magazine.

The successful implementation of these events provided excellent visibility for the project, its effective dissemination, and impact. Organizing these events was also the final activity within the exceptionally successful MEDIActive Youth Project.

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