The great Media Literacy Education Textbook is here!

Youth workers, teachers, media activists, young people – pay attention: the great ”Media Literacy Education by the Blended Learning Method” Textbook is here!

The Texbook is a part of a teaching material pack (TMP) that we are developing as an educational material that youth educators will use to educate young people in media literacy. In addition to the Texbook, TMP also includes a Training Course Curriculum and a Guidelines.

The Textbook has 20 lessons, each of which is designed as a separate workshop. Its content covers all the most important topics of media literacy and media activism: Media and Communication, What is Media Literacy?, Critically Reading Media Messages, Basic Principles of Journalism, Top 10 Rules of Journalism, Basic Rules of Writing, What is Style?, Writing a Concept, Finding Reliable Sources, Fake News, Fact Checking, Ethics of Journalism, Youth Activism, Social Media & Activism, Publishing & Posting, Blended Learning… Relevant literature and existing OER (texts and multimedia contents) are listed for each lesson/workshop.

The publication has been created within the Transcontinental MEDIActive Youth: Africa on Board Project, realized with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme. Its authors are the members of the expert team from partner NGOs, led by the team leader Aleksandar Pavlovic.

Currently, we have uploaded the first version of the publication to the project’s website. We will post the final version (in English, Estonian, Arabic, Macedonian and Serbian) after its testing phase.

The publication may be freely downloaded from this website (Materials section), distributed and used.

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